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Diamond Jackson pornstar

Hair Color Black Hair
Body Art Piercing
Body Type Athletic
Ass Type Bubble Butt
Tits Type Enhanced
Tits Size Big Tits
Pussy Type Bald , Innie

Date of Birth 07/05/1980
Birth Location Miami, FL
Ethnicity Ebony
Skin Complexion Dark Skin
Weight 110lb
Height 5’7″
Measurements 34DDD-24-34



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Diamond Jackson is a webcam legend for more than 10 years. She started as a web cam model and she’s still making new scenes more than a decade later. Diamond Jackson is still committed to her adoring followers, and they love her right back! She great body, big boobs and soulful, sultry approach to sex. That approach has made Diamond Jackson one of the greatest ebony MILFs and most celebrated black porn star in porn history.